1. 9:30 am
    Doors open, sign up starts for giving talks
  2. 10:00 am
    Talks begin at all venues. Each presentation will last 25 minutes (we recommend leaving 5 minutes at the end for discussion)
  3. 12:00 pm
    Lunch is served
  4. 1:00 pm
    Talks resume
  5. 6:00 pm
    BarCamp ends and the after party starts at TBA

The First Rule of BarCamp

Your collective knowledge is what makes this event worthwhile, so the first rule of BarCamp is to contribute to BarCamp. Giving a talk isn't mandatory, but we encourage attendees to get involved by sharing a demo, planning a session, or just looking for ways to share their expertise. Before you get cold feet, know that you can do a talk on anything—an operating system you use, a language you program with, or your fear of cats dressed like humans. Our venue has four speaking areas and all but one will have a projector.

Talks will be scheduled the morning of the event (that's part of the fun). We'll build a speaker schedule starting at 9:30 am, so come early if you want to guarantee a speaking spot!

What is it?

BarCamp Orlando is an annual community-building event which aims to bring people from different backgrounds together for cooperative learning. Technologies such as Ruby, PHP, Java and C could be presented alongside graphic design, music, photography, and other new media. We hope to provide free T-shirts and lunch to all attendees, but can only do so with assistance from sponsors.

Parking & Location

We recommend the parking garage across from the downtown library. We'll have more information for you as the event gets closer.

BarCamp will take place in the heart of downtown Orlando in the Wall Street Plaza. We'll have four areas available for presentations. Lunch will be served at TBA, and plenty of open space will be available to hang out and mingle.